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Privacy & Safety

Your information is safe and will not be redistributed to anyone for any reason. In all cases you will get 2 emails per order. One when you place the order and the other when the order ships.  If you sign up for newsletter you will get an email blast for new collections and sales. Your privacy and time are valuable to us and we take pride in making sure when you shop with us your relationship with us is safe and private. The third-party banking providers we use to verify payment and collect money are tested and tried and offer the most up to date security. We do not collect unneeded data or snack on cookies. 

Your privacy is of the highest importance to this business, and we will insure that when you shop here we provide the best experience possible under our control. 

Client Artwork

First and foremost, you agree that you own your artwork you provide. You will have to agree to this on the contract you sign to insure what you are providing is in fact your property or royalty free and not under any copyright laws.  All printing we do is authorized by you and after your "collection" has run the course it will be taken down and screens destroyed. There is no change in ownership of property. 

Client Payouts

All profit payouts will be handled via paypal or another 3rd party vendor. There will be no cash or checks provided. If you profit more than $600 net on your collection you will be issued the proper tax documentation as per law. Please do not expect anything other than that as we do not charge tax, we merely collect it under corporate law. 

Offensive Designs

The images in the collections do not reflect the views of Sickgrafik. They reflect the views and or beliefs of the clients we serve. While we do our best to filter out ideas that are out of bounds on the extreme ends of society, if something here offends you, your religion, your state, your Mom, and your opinion or beliefs, please understand it is not intentional and you have the right to not buy or interact.  If there is an extreme case and a concern please contact us via email to discuss.  

Payment Methods

Payment Methods Accepted

• Credit / Debit Cards



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